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@blog is now being "sucked in" to as if it was post on a Mastodon instance.

Was hoping to incorporate the VUC "blog"into the Mastodon instance with the plugin, but it doesn't work in PHP 5 and we don't want to update the server.

Friday November 23rd VUC727
Diaspora and the Pluspora pod origin story

Signalwire has been duly invited to Friday's VUC. Otherwise, it's gonna be us chatting and ranting again.

Special VUC today:
at 16:00 UTC 12 Noon EDT

“Your Life Is A Lie” is not a meme.

We’ve been convinced that we need property, ownership and money to give value and meaning to who and what we are. This paradigm is showing all its contradictions every day of our normal life but we’re programmed not to see them.
Cui prodest?

And I haven't figured out how to leave any.

Here is the chat with Aldevis Tibaldi, saxophonist and composer extraordinaire :

Coming soon, a chat with saxophonist and composer Aldevis Tibaldi.

I like Mastodon, but I am trying to get someone from Scuttlebutt to talk about it on VUC as well. Also in the works, a few prominent WINE personalities. WINE you drink, not the one that runs Windows apps on linux.

Hard top find the time to experiment with every single network that has a social element, but I'm doing my best!

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