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Here is the chat with Aldevis Tibaldi, saxophonist and composer extraordinaire :

Coming soon, a chat with saxophonist and composer Aldevis Tibaldi.

I like Mastodon, but I am trying to get someone from Scuttlebutt to talk about it on VUC as well. Also in the works, a few prominent WINE personalities. WINE you drink, not the one that runs Windows apps on linux.

Hard top find the time to experiment with every single network that has a social element, but I'm doing my best!

Our IRC Channel on is now again accepting connections. Whoopi!

I won't be able to hang very long. Left for the airport about 24 hours ago. I may get into the Google Fi experience with the new Moto G6. I like this $239 Android phone a lot.

Friday we'll be talking about the use of in new verticals with the folks:

Over two years old but some still exist. The problem isn't apps, it's getting others to install them. Everyone's like "I use Messenger"

That was fun last night. I wish we could get Bob Bowles @rbowles on the horn from time to time!

You can watch chat on IRC on

Ok people, no one is here on but if you are, join us and watch with friend Tim Rowe. We'll be talking about shit everyone can relate to.

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Good morning.

I'm going to be interviewed on a livestream via Google Hangouts to YouTube this Friday at 5pm UK time by @vuc

If you have any questions for me, or just want to gawp and throw virtual rotten fruit, you're welcome:

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