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Sunday, now less than 24 hours to CommConUK

15 days to , a meeting of some impressive minds on and related realtime online tech:

I heard of a possible Mastodon fork in the future. What d'you think?

I can remember the sinking heart when you clicked on a link, the page started to display and the java plugin started loading... ewwww

GDPR from USA Today site, they did it right, it's faster than greased lightning without all the tracking scripts

Eric Klein's Author Page:
The One: A Cruise Through the Solar System

No idea what we can talk about Friday. Anyone?

Yesterday the local timeline was empty. Don't know what happened, but it's back.

This Friday we're talking about a bunch of topics with some of the regulars. Join us !

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Hey, #admins, did you know that a lot of people want to know what your local timeline looks like and did you know that you can optionally show the local timeline instead of the federated timeline in that "a look inside" feed?

It's in the admin settings! Go and tick it if you want the whole outside world to see your local timeline!

Friday Apr 20th at 12 noon EDT (5 pm UK, 6 pm Paris/Berlin) LaunchCode joins to talk about their challenges and solutions. as always

One of the most popular videos in recent time in the Visions Series, Suzanne Bowen.

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