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Here is the chat with Aldevis Tibaldi, saxophonist and composer extraordinaire :

Coming soon, a chat with saxophonist and composer Aldevis Tibaldi.

@William_Robison You mean on Mastodon? I doubt it, but as on Twitter, just search for "wine", you'll find tons. Many have made lists of their own.

@fribbledom No word is more appropriate than "TOTALLY!" - My goal is to move away from the useless parade of self-promotional exhibitionism on Instagram, the sharing memes of Facebook, and the... well you get it. Let's get into the further reaches of the galaxy!

I like Mastodon, but I am trying to get someone from Scuttlebutt to talk about it on VUC as well. Also in the works, a few prominent WINE personalities. WINE you drink, not the one that runs Windows apps on linux.

Hard top find the time to experiment with every single network that has a social element, but I'm doing my best!

Our IRC Channel on is now again accepting connections. Whoopi!

@mcr Of course this had to happen when I was away for ten days without a laptop.

I won't be able to hang very long. Left for the airport about 24 hours ago. I may get into the Google Fi experience with the new Moto G6. I like this $239 Android phone a lot.

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