SUB2r update in 30 minutes: Open Architecture Video Platform Streaming 4K @ 30 uFPS - 1080 @60 uFPS Watch:

I fell asleep at the screen last night in the after party!

Hello @aswath !
How are you these days? You were one of the first VUC guests when it was all Asterisk 🙂

Today's the day, 17:00 UTC/GMT, 12 Noon EST is the time, is the topic of

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There is no app more desperate for your eyeballs than #instagram. I would not be surprised to get a notification that said, "It's been 3 minutes since you last looked at your feed! Please, please come back to us or we'll start hurting ourselves! 😪"

VUC734 Friday January 11th at 17:00 GMT/UTC is "All About DIaspora"

Friday Interactive Conference

Visions Under Construction
happens at 12 Noon EST (17:00 UTC/GMT, 18h Paris/Berlin)
There will be at least a little news on - Next Friday, will be all about Diaspora
The interactive part is, you can text chat or phone in and listen and speak live.

And on January 11th, we hope to have a full-blown discussion.

First Friday of 2019 there will also be a VUC!

Last Friday of 2018, there will be a VUC!

@jervin I check in once in a whle. We need to find a permanent solution because IRC no longer works well having to register. I can only do so much, as I am producing the thing live. There's a chat on ZipDX and YouTube but neither is very convenient. Any suggestions? IRC works for you, cause you're registered :)

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