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Friday November 23rd VUC727
Diaspora and the Pluspora pod origin story

Signalwire has been duly invited to Friday's VUC. Otherwise, it's gonna be us chatting and ranting again.

Special VUC today:
at 16:00 UTC 12 Noon EDT

“Your Life Is A Lie” is not a meme.

We’ve been convinced that we need property, ownership and money to give value and meaning to who and what we are. This paradigm is showing all its contradictions every day of our normal life but we’re programmed not to see them.
Cui prodest?

Friday we spoke to Alan Duric and demoed Wire for Teams, the enterprise version of Wire. We use Wire extensively, so it was interesting to talk about all this and see it in

15 days to , a meeting of some impressive minds on and related realtime online tech:

GDPR from USA Today site, they did it right, it's faster than greased lightning without all the tracking scripts

Eric Klein's Author Page:
The One: A Cruise Through the Solar System

One of the most popular videos in recent time in the Visions Series, Suzanne Bowen.

Today's guest is musician and writer Joe Roberts
He's written a lot about wine, but he started out in IT. Watch as usual

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