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Fun session with the 2600Hz folks, audio up at and video at https:/

Today we welcome Abbi Minessale (daughter of a famous guy) who created FreeSWITCH in 2007, the same year our podcast started. Abbi is a talented actor as well as being involved in the social end of FreeSWITCH. at 5 pm UTC

"While Computes uses decentralized and distributed ledger technology (DLT), it's not based on blockchain technology "

In 45 minutes, we talk to Richard Neumann about the astonishing SUB2r camera. First question, why "astonishing"?

Last week I spoke at length with Dr. Nafeez Ahmed, author and investigative journalist at Insurge Intelligence. Audio will be posted in January, but video is here

Today's live session is on bufferbloat and Dave Täht's lifelong fight to ameliorate it.
Watch live video: 5 hours from this post at 12 Noon EST, 5PM UK

For a better understanding of what is planned for vuc2018, please read at this article:

Visions Under Construction

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